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"Rebecca M. Davis, in the role of a fully assimilated sexual-misconduct investigator, veers hilariously between supercilious interrogation and full-throated friskiness."

Annie Wagner, The Stranger (Hellhound On My Trail)

Rave Reviews

"(The role of Mrs May) played with delicious implacability by Rebecca M. Davis. "

Misha Berson, Seattle Times (Hellhound on my Trail)

"Father Flote - played by Rebecca Davis in accordance with the Mel Brooks handbook of campy humor."


"Executed with brio by a dexterous cast that includes Angel Brice, Rebecca M. Davis and Chris Ensweiler." -Misha Berson, Seattle Times (BootyCandy)

Leah B Green, Seattle Times (Red Noses)

"And then we have the Thenardiers, played to the hilt by Robert Scherzer and Rebecca M. Davis. The scheming, vicious couple should make your belly laugh and your skin crawl, and these two pull it off with relish."

 -Gemma Wilson, City Arts Magazine (Les Miserables)

"Davis, an eternally magnetic performer, brought her impeccable comic timing to Christie." - Gemma Wilson, City Arts Magazine (Vanishing Point)

"When the show began, the host, Rebecca M. Davis, enthusiastically led us through the variety of performances with a bit of opera “magic.” The upbeat tone that was set by Davis made the performance jump off the screen and gave great energy for all of the performers to play off of."

- Teen Tix, The Big Opera Show

"Rebecca M. Davis as Touchstone adds some much needed comedy in the connecting scenes." - Kelly Rogers Flynn, Broadway World Seattle

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