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October 18, 2013




"Produced in association with GeekGirlCon, the country's foremost convention celebrating the female geek, Bechdel Test Burlesque will be the geekiest, most feminist burlesque show in the history of burlesque shows."

RMD interviewed by
Eric Andrews-Katz

I'm another title

"Rebecca M. Davis is one of those actresses whom when you see her, you say to yourself: 'Oh yeah. I've seen her in lots of stuff. She's really good. What's her name again?' and you'll search the program. And for good reason: She's done numerous stage presentations of all sorts, and has appeared on the big screen as well. Davis, a native Oregonian, has appeared on the Seattle stage for over three decades, and her dedication and talent are paying off."

Seattle Gay News article

Section One | to Arts & Entertainment 
posted Friday, August 23 2013 

Volume 41 Issue 34

Video by Heather Brady Murch.

The Burl-X-Files: The Truth Is Down There


Jo Jo Stiletto Events in Association with the Theatre Off Jackson presented:

The Burl-X-Files: The Truth Is Down There
Burlesque Inspired by the X-Files

Date: August 29-31, 2013


We invite you to Spooky Mulder and Agent Scully's basement office from which they investigate sexy alien abductions, salacious paranormal activity and other strange unexplained phenomenon. What chilling monster-of-the-week will they encounter? Will the Lone Gunmen lend a helpful hand? What forces, or cigarette-smoking fiend, will conspire to keep our leads apart?

Come help us celebrate the 20th anniversary of the premier of the landmark television series with acts inspired by the dark, kitschy, campy, and angst-filed sci-fi classic. Remember the 90s? Remember how government cover-ups involving UFOs, implausible myth arcs, and virus carrying bees were all rage? The Burl-X-Files will be one part nostalgia, one part celebration of fandom, and one part indulgence of not-so-secret fantasies with a cast of Seattle's finest X-Files obsessed burlesque talent.

The Shanghai Pearl as Agent Dana Scully
Jake Groshong as Agent Fox Mulder

Rebecca M Davis
Bolt Action
Queenie O'Hart
Sailor St. Claire
Scarlett O'Hairdye
Seraphina Fiero
Tootsie Spangles
Jesus la Pinga
Lady Drew Blood
Eva Fairwood


60 Seconds Max


Annex Theatre has the World's Shortest Theatre Festival, called 60 Seconds Max. 


The Gist:

Participants have just 1 minute to do their act, whatever it may be.


  • In the past, Rebecca has done a literal interpretation of Cher's "Believe", to great acclaim.

  • While she was in Spokane in 2009 (performing "Doubt"), Rebecca phoned then-artistic director Bret Fetzer, who held his mobile phone to a microphone for the audience in Seattle, while Rebecca read a list she'd compiled of things "Overheard in Spokane".

  • In 2011, Rebecca returned in-person to 60 Seconds Max.

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